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Subscription Costs and Benefits

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Subscriber Benefits:
1) Access to all the content on the Exploring Nature Website – more than 6,000 science resource pages, plus more then 10,000 illustrations as color diagrams and black and white printable lesson sheets.
2) Access to high resolution, printer-friendly versions of all resources.
3) Access to the website from anywhere in the world with internet (using your login).
4) Access to Exploring Nature's artwork for your educational projects. Ask about a complimentary license for subscribers only.
5) No advertising on subscriber pages!

6) Access for a full year – from the day you subscribe to the same date the following year.
7) We do not do auto-renewals, but will send expiration reminders at the end of your year.


Extra Perks for School Subscribers ($100/year):
1) IP authorization available for school subscriptions - Send us your computer (school) IP number(s) and you won’t have to sign in.
2) Access to all the downloadable bundles and
downloadable books in the store at no additional cost -162 bundles with a total value of more than $1,300.
3) Share your login with all your students to use from home.
4) Share your login with all the other teachers in your school building (to use from home or school) and their students.
5) Paid subscribers can use our content with students in
virtual platforms, e.g. Google Classroom.


3 Types of Subscriptions:
1) Individual Educator/Family/Teacher Subscription - $25/year - You will choose one login that you can use from any computer from anywhere (with internet access). This allows access for up to 3 computers.

2) Single School Subscription - $100/year - You will choose one login to share among all the teachers and students in one school building – plus IP authorization will be provided for school computers, eliminating time consuming computer lab sign-ins.

*Homeschool family groups (up to 10) may share one school subscription with permission from site administrator - please email requests.

3) Multiple School District Subscription Discounts - We will need a school list, a contact name and email for each school. The District will share one login, but if you send us your IP addresses, we can authorize so you will not have to sign in at school.

For Subscription Quotes and Purchase Order invoices, send your school numbers to

Multiple School Subscriptions receive the following discounts:

                                                                               3-5 schools       25% off     ($75 school)

                                                                               6-10 schools     40% off     ($60 school)

                                                                               11-30 schools   50% off    ($50 school)

                                                                               31-60 schools   60% off     ($40 school)

                                                                               61-100 schools 65% off     ($35 school)

                                                                               101+ schools    75% off     ($25 school)

Use equation to find district subscription total: $100/year x number of schools x discount = Total  

For Example:      3 schools:     $100 x 3    = $300    x   25% off  (.75) = $225    ($75/school)
                           6 schools:     $100 x 6   = $600    x    40% off  (.60) = $240    ($60/school
                           25 schools:   $100 x 25  = $2,500 x    50% off (.50) = $1,240  ($50/school)
                           40 schools:   $100 x 40  = $4,000 x    60% off (.40) = $1,600  ($40/school)
                           75 schools:   $100 x 75  = $7,500 x    65% off (.35) = $2,625  ($35/school)
                           110 schools: $100 x 110 = $11,000. x 75% off (.25) = $2,750  ($25/school)


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Purchase Order - For U.S. school subscriptions only.


Please email or call with questions:

Toll free phone: 1(888) 497-3765


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