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Adirondack Illustrator, Sheri Amsel, is an author, illustrator and science educator.

Sheri Amsel's writing and illustrative work includes science textbooks, children's books, field guides, natural history signage for museums and nature centers, illustrated maps, educational flip charts, posters, medical illustration for courtroom evidence, and science resource websites.

Ms. Amsel educational background includes undergraduate degrees in Botany and Zoology from the University of Montana and a Master's Degrees in Anatomy, Physiology and Biomedical Illustration from Colorado State University.

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Her illustrated websites include:

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Below you can see example of Sheri's illustrative style and scope:


Interpretive Signage:

ausable river Interpretive sign
trees of footbridge park Interpretive sign


Illustrated Posters, Book and Magazine Spreads:

Natural Communities Poster
African Savanah

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forest wildflowers poster


Illustrated Maps and Posters:

Rain Garden Poster
Illustrated Map

Educational Flip Charts and Activity Guides:

Animals, Plants, Biomes, Classification, Habitat Food Webs, Ocean Habitats

Flip chart

Poster Sets:

Anatomy Posters

Books Written and Illustrated by Sheri Amsel:

Wild Science Book
Wetland Walk Book
Everything Kids Body Book
Cecil Activity Book
Vermont Nature Guide


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adirondack Illustrator art

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