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Structure and Function in the Rainforest - Reading and Diagram

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An organism’s body parts (structures) depends on where it lives – its habitat. Animals in the rainforest are built differently from animals that live out on an open grassland where their best defense is to run fast. In the rainforest, an animal must be able to climb, leap, or move through thick vegetation. It must be able to digest waxy leaves or chew through a thick seed pod husk. A rainforest animal must be able to sneak up, leap on, and eat other animals.

People can learn from animals. We can see how their body parts solve problems that we might have and copy them. Here are some examples. The beak of the macaw opens the tough hide of the Brazil nut. This exact shape was used to create the first can openers.

Read about the Structures and Functions of living things in the Amazon Rainforest and how humans have solve problems by mimicing the way animals and plants deal with them.

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