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Trees of North America

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Trees, like all plants, play many important roles on Earth.

  • They make oxygen, take up carbon dioxide, and feed animals with their leaves and fruit.
  • They are essential to people as building materials and fuel.
  • They provide shade and habitat for many birds and small mammals.
  • They also enrich our lives with their beautiful shapes, smells and colors.

Learning to identify trees can be fun and help you appreciate the variety of species that live near you. Try the Related Activities below to increase your skill at tree identification.

3. Life Science Standards
Science subject matter focuses on the science facts, concepts, principles, theories, and models that are important for all students to know, understand, and use.
K-4 Characteristics of organisms, life cycles of organisms, organisms and environments
5-8 Structure and function in living systems, reproduction and heredity, regulation and behavior, populations and ecosystems, diversity and adaptations of organisms
9-12 The cell, molecular basis of heredity, biological evolution, interdependence of organisms, matter, energy, and organization in living systems, behavior of organisms

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