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Wetland Mural Making Activity

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Wetland Mural

Make a Wetland Mural to help familiarize your students with the animals, plants, and foodwebs present in this habitat. To make your mural, you will find the copy-ready animals and plants (that just need to be colored and cut out), text about each animal on a copy-ready plate, a text plate template for adding your own text or additonal animals and background suggestions. Each Mural comes with a food web hand out and two levels of labeling pages.

People once thought that wetlands were useless land. They drained them and built houses on them. But now we know they are really full of wildlife and need to be protected. Wetlands are in danger all over the world from pollution and development. People are just beginning to realize the importance of wetlands. Besides for being important habitat for many animals and plants, wetlands can also help man. They can absorb water during a flood. The tiny organisms in wetlands can actually treat water polluted by sewage. Wetlands are worth protecting. They are an important part of our natural world.

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