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What Educators are Saying About Exploring Nature (Site Reviews)

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From Teachers:

"I love your work and appreciate the attention to detail and accuracy. The students are always excited to finish their studies so they can work on mazes, hidden pictures or learn to draw our current subject. What a wonderful compliment to classroom learning material. It is easy to refer others to your site with confidence they will be pleased with the content."
Cheryl ChapmanOntario, Canada

"Thank you for All you Do!! Your drawings are Brilliant and amazing.  I LOVE how they are scientific AND geared toward children – children friendly, And address real concepts."
Jodi Whitehead, Tacoma School District, WA

"Your website is a treasure trove! I'm so excited that I'll be able to use the content."
Rosa Klein, Beth Jacob of Boro Park, Brooklyn, NY

“I use Exploring Nature almost everyday.  My students enjoy the activities and they stay busy for the entire class period.”
Cathy Whitney-Vuchetich, Marillac Elementary School, Blue Springs, MO

"We have really been enjoying the opportunity to review the science website! I am beyond impressed with the sheer abundance of information available on that site. So much so that it can be a little overwhelming, but in a good way! We have been using it to supplement the science curriculum that we are currently using. The visuals, information, coloring and activity pages, relevant games and activities have been invaluable to our studies! There is so much information available that I am also planning on creating our own unit studies completely with information and materials from"
Home Education Magazine (HEM) reader Kim Sokoloski

"First off, I just wanted to commend you on such an incredible website.  I can't believe the amount of information on the site!  I'm blown away. It is truly amazing! Can't wait to dig in!"
Beth Theisen, Homeschool Parent, NH

"In editing on a nature study curriculum, I read your citation in the bibliography and took a look at your site here. What great materials you are creating and illustrating." "All the best and thank you for creating such great work."
Kay Garrett, Manhattan, Kansas

"We LOVE your site. The many features are appealing to a wide variety of grade levels, and including the citations makes it more authoritative!" "Our school subscribed to your site, and we are using a LOT!"
Lynn Mayer,
Old Town Elementary School, Old Town, Maine

"The materials are research-based, realistically drawn in a consistent artistic style, and cover such a wide range science education subjects."
Joan Corbitt, National Trails Parks & Recreation

"I am a teacher and water color artist. I thought that I was going to have to create a curriculum with artwork that didn't speak down to children. I was so excited to find this website!"
Anne Woodard, Covenant Christian School

"I love this site because it has realistic and accurate images that are hard to find elsewhere."
Carol Kasprzak, Oakland Township Parks and Recreation

I just subscribed to Exploring Nature and LOVE it! Your artwork is amazing and completely grade appropriate for my second graders.
Genny Elias-Warren, Chinese American International School, San Fransico, CA

"I selected 28 animals that became the children's animal identity using your beautiful illustrations. Amazingly they embraced every single creature, large and small and made them their own. I wanted to let you know how our early learners are connecting to their world through your illustrations and information."
Mindy Beltramo, The Dewel School, NH

"This unit was a good resource to add to my 5th grade curriculum for a unit about food webs. I also used some of the information to start our Earth's Spheres unit. The illustrations are beautiful!"
Amy M., Teachers Pay Teachers

"I was having difficulty in finding resources for animal structure for third graders that has a challenging rigor, but not so difficult that they aren't able to gain mastery. This resource is PERFECT for my students!"
Kimberly M., Teachers Pay Teachers (3rd Grade Teacher)

"I have created a whole lesson around your plant parts, and those materials are perfect.  We are also working on living and non-living.  I've gone through just about the whole website to check things out.  I love the lesson plans but they are too advanced for my daughter.  The coloring pages and flash cards are the best!!! I've shared your site with others, I hope they are taking advantage of all your amazing materials."
Beth Theisen, Homeschooling Parent

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School subscriptions can access more than 175 downloadable unit bundles in our store for free (a value of $1,500).

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