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K-2 Science Activity Bundle – Downloadable Only

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20 high resolution, printable activities for K-2nd grade science. These activities promote critical thinking and assess the student's understanding of each topic. Use them as a pre-assessment before the lesson or as a comprehension quiz after the lesson.

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The Science Activity Bundle for K-2 contains:
• Print, Copy, Cut & Paste: Life Cycles
• Print, Copy, Cut & Paste:5 Senses
• Print, Copy, Cut & Paste: Habitats
• Habitats Matching
• Color the Desert Animals and Habitat
• Animals Groups – Matching
• Color the Farm Animals
• Match the Sense to the Correct Body Part
• Match the Baby Animals to Their Adults
• Count and Tally - Birds
• Animal Diets – Matching
• Color and Label the Waterways
• Match the Activities to their Seasons
• Match the Animal Homes
• Recycling - Match the Trash to Its Disposal Bin
• Color the Phases of the Moon
• What is Weather – Matching
• Number or Cut and Match the Plant Life Cycle
• Number or Cut and Match the Frog Life Cycle
• Solid, Liquid, Gas – Matching

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