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3-5th Grade Science Activity Bundle – Downloadable Only

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20 high-resolution, printable activities for 3-5th grade science. These activities promote critical thinking and assess the student's understanding of each topic. Use them as a pre-assessment before the lesson or as a comprehension quiz after the lesson.

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The Science Activity Bundle for 3-5th Grade contains:
• Print, Copy, Cut & Paste: Habitats
• Habitats Matching
• Desert Food Web – Fill in the Blanks
• Name the Parts of the Food Web
• Animal Diet Matching
• Animal Group Behavior – Matching
• Analyzing Matter for Beginners
• Heredity of Traits – Matching
• Winter Adaptation – Matching
• Animal Groups – Matching
• Wetland Food Web Activity
• Match the Birds to Their Nests
• Clouds – Matching
• Seed Dispersal – Matching
• Know Your Leaves Activity
• Landforms Matching
• Seasonal Activity – Matching
• Animal Homes – Matching
• Rock Formation Matching
• Phases of Matter – Matching

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