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Human Body Activity Bundle (Elementary) - Downloadable Only

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24 high-resolution, printable pages of elementary school level activities about the Human Body. These anatomy diagrams and labeling activities are meant enhance students' vocabulary and comprehension and assess their understanding. Use them as a pre-assessment before the lesson or as a comprehension quiz after the lesson, for sub-plans, class activities, homework assignments, and NGSS fulfillment.

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  1. Body Systems Overview
  2. Body Systems Labeling
  3. Body Systems – Cut and Paste
  4. Arteries of the Circulatory System
  5. Label the Arteries of the Circulatory System
  6. How Blood Moves Through the Heart and Lungs
  7. Color and Label the Heart and its Blood Vessels
  8. The Parts of the Nervous System
  9. Name the Parts of the Nervous System
  10. The Respiratory System
  11. Name the Parts of the Respiratory System
  12. The Digestive System
  13. Name the Parts of the Digestive System
  14. The Skeleton
  15. Name the Bones of the Skeletal System
  16. The Joints
  17. Name the Type of Joint (of the 5 Major Joints)
  18. The Ear - Inside and Out
  19. Label the Parts of the Ear
  20. The Structures of the Eye
  21. Label the Structures of the Eye
  22. Match the Sense to its Organ
  23. The Senses –  Graphics Organizer
  24. The Five Sense - Cut and Paste


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