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Human Skeleton: Build a Kid-sized Model – Downloadable Only

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This 13-page bundle includes copy-ready bones for building a life-sized skeleton mural, plus skeletal system content, diagram and matching activities. This is the perfect printable activity for teaching the bones of the human skeleton to primary school students.

 This Build a Human Body Model Bundle contains:

  1. Instructions and NGSS
  2. The Bones and What They Do Reading
  3. Skeleton Matching Activity
  4. Skeleton Matching Activity KEY
  5. Bones of the Human Skeleton Diagram
  6. Bones of the Human Skeleton Labeling
  7. Life-sized Skull
  8. Life-sized Humerus (2), Radius (2), Ulna (2)
  9. Life-sized Ribcage
  10. Life-sized Pelvis
  11. Life-sized Femur (2), Tibia (2), Fibula (2)
  12. Life-sized Hands (2) and Feet (2)

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