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Plant a Vegetable Garden Bundle - Downloadable Only

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The gardening bundle includes 36 pages as listed below. These can be used for developing a school garden (or homeschool garden) and teaching about plants, life cycles, food webs or as reference for classroom murals, posters or dioramas. For more resources to use for lesson plans, sub-plans, class activities, homework assignments, research projects, inquiry and investigations with NGSS fulfillment, go to:

This Gardening Bundle contains:

  • Gardening with Kids Planning and Development Instructions (5 pages)
  • Garden Vegetable Color Poster (8.5 x 11")
  • Vegetable Coloring Page
  • Vegetable Labeling Page
  • Vegetable Garden Coloring Page
  • Vegetable Garden Labeling Page
  • Vegetable Unscramble
  • 14 Vegetable Planting, Harvesting, Pests and Diseases Info Pages
  • 11 Vegetable Coloring Page

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