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Wholesale Bulk Orders of "Saving Cats and Dogs - An Animal Rescue Activity Book"

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This book is available for nonprofit organizations that are fund raising for animal rescue services and facilities.

PLUS: If your school Environment Club is raising money for your local animal shelter - here is the resale product for you.

Orders of 25-49 books: $3.25 each (includes shipping).

Orders of 50+ books: $3.00 each (includes shipping).

The books can then be sold at the retail price of your choice (recommended $8.95). We will need your federal tax exempt ID number (Non-profits pay no sales tax including school groups).

Saving Cats and Dogs is an activity book where readers learn about pets and how to care for them, while doing more than 30 mazes, hidden pictures, word games, drawings, coloring and other exciting activities. Activities are designed to help develop motor skills, observation, and critical thinking for young readers. Proceeds from books sales support animal rescue facilities. This book is ideal for parents bringing a new pet into the home. Use the fun activities to teach children about how to care for pets and develop a life long empathy for the animals in their lives.

Promoting your Rescue Organization:
In addition, rescue facilities can send us your logo and contact information and we will (for no additional cost) layout your information on a 2"x4" mailing label template that can be printed out and attached to the back of each book before resale. The layout will fit on Avery #5263 (or generic equivalent) shipping labels.

Create a Fund Raiser without Buying Books Up Front:
If you want to create a fund raiser without the hassle of buying and selling books yourself, we can sponsor a fund faiser for you. It's easy! This is how it works:

1) Contact us about a fund raiser:

2) Pick the dates of the fund raiser with our staff (we recommend a start and end date of no more than 30-days).

3) We set up a special link to a fund raiser just for your organization.

4) Send out an email and Facebook announcement to your supporters about the fundraiser with a link to the book in our store.

5) After the end date, we will send you a check!