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Adirondack Nature Guide

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Adult/young adult field guide to some of the most common animals (birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles, insects) and plants (trees and wildflowers) in the Adirondack region of Upstate New York. 120 pages with full color illustrations. Written and illustrated by Sheri Amsel

Make learning about Adirondack Wildlife relevant with the Next Generation Science Standards. Try the Outdoor Science - NGSS Curriculum Bundle.

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“If you could only take one field guide into the Adirondacks, this is the one...  

...includes just about every type of flora and fauna one will encounter... Easy to follow illustrationps along with brief, plain language descriptions make this a very handy guide for those traveling the backwoods.” Dennis Aprill, Outdoors Columnist, Plattsburgh Press Republican

“One would have to carry five or six separate nature guides to equal the information that has been selected and beautifully presented in this one...

...each of the 260 descriptions provides enough information to positively identify every common Adirondack species. Identification is made even easier since entries are grouped by recognizable habitat and limited to those species found in the Adirondacks. With the handy checklist provided, explorers of all ages will surely be motivated to go out and look for as many of these species as they can find.” Tony Goodwin, Author of Guide to Adirondack Trails: High Peaks Region