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Life Cycles Activity Bundle for K-2 - Downloadable Only

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Included in the Life Cycle Activity Bundle - 26 pages of Activities:
1) Life Cycles Primer for Educators with NGSS
2) Life Cycle of a Bullfrog Color Diagram
3) Life Cycle of a Monarch Butterfly Color Diagram (Complete Metamorphosis)
4) Animals and Their Young Full Color Mini-Poster
5) Animal and their Young Coloring Page (Copy-Ready)
6) Print, Copy, Cut and Paste Life Cycles Activity (Copy-Ready)
7) Match the Baby Animal to Their Grown Up (Copy-Ready)
8) Paper Plate Life Cycle Activity (5 species - 2 pages) (Copy-Ready)
9) Life Cycle Story Boards (4 species - 5 pages) (Copy-Ready)
10) Life Cycle Flip Book Activity (6 species - 7 pages) (Copy-Ready)
11) Leopard Frog Life Cycle Maze (Copy-Ready)
12) What is My Baby Called - Foldable Activity (3 pages) (Copy-Ready

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Addressed:
Disciplinary Core Ideas – LS1.B: Growth and Development of Organisms
• Reproduction is essential to the continued existence of every kind of organism. Plants and animals have unique and diverse life cycles. (3-LS1-1)

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