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Mammals Activity Bundle (3-5) - Downloadbale Only

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This bundle includes 12 Resources about MAMMALS, including: Reading, Color Diagrams, Activities and Testing (22 pages total).

Included in the Mammals Activity Bundle:
1) Mammals Reading Sheet (copy-ready)
2) Mammals Short Answer Quiz and Answer Sheet (2 pages - copy-ready)
3) Mammals Traits List Illustrated in Color
4) Mammals Traits Color Diagram
5) Mammal Groups Matching Traits Quiz and Answer Sheet (2 pages - copy-ready)
6) Match 19 Mammal Groups to their Name with Answer Sheet (2 pages - copy-ready)
7) Mammals of the World Full Color Mini-Poster
8) Mammals of the World (Orders) Coloring Page (copy-ready)
9) Mammals Multiple Choice Quiz and Answer Sheet (2 pages) (copy-ready)
10) Mammals Crossword Puzzle and Answer Sheet (2 pages) (copy-ready)
11) Mammals Word Search and Answer Sheet (2 pages) (copy-ready)
12) Mammals of North America Full Color Giant Poster (3 sheets, plus directions page)


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