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Life on the Farm Activity Bundle - Pre-K-2 - Downloadable Only

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This bundle includes 25 age-appropriate resources about farm animals, plants, tools including: copy-ready (BW) matching, coloring, labeling, drawing and hidden picture activities (43 pages total).

Resources included in this Farm Bundle are:
1. Color the Farm (1 page).
2. Which Animals Belong on a Farm and Answer Key (2 pages).
3. Match the Farm Animals to What it makes on the Farm and Answer Key (2 pages).
4. Name the Farm Animals in the Spaces Provided and Answer Key (2 pages).
5. Label the Vegetables Grown on a Farm (1 page).
6. Color the Vegetables Grown on a Farm (1 page).
7. Unscramble These Garden Vegetables and Answer Key (2 pages).
8. Which Part of the Plant Do You Eat? and Answer Key (2 pages).
9. Farm Harvest Hidden Picture and Answer Key (2 pages).
10. Farm Tool Matching and Coloring and Answer Key (2 pages).
11. Farm Pantry Hidden Picture and Answer Key (2 pages).
12. Label the Farm Animals (1 page).
13. Color the Farm Animals (1 page).
14. Color the Turkey (1 page).
15. Draw a Turkey Step by Step (1 page).
16. Label the Parts of a Horse (1 page).
17. Label the Parts of the Horse Using the Vocabulary List (Older Students) (1 page).
18. Color the Horse Diagram (1 page).
19. Color a Horse, Cow, Sheep, Llama, Pigs, Rooster (6 pages).
20. Draw a Chicken Step by Step (1 page).
21. Count and Tally Farm Animals with Answer Key (2 pages).
22. Baby Farm Animals Matching with Answer Key (2 pages).
23. Match the Baby Farm Animal to its Adult with Answer Key (2 pages).
24. Color the Baby Farm Animals (1 page).
25. Farm Color Mini-Poster (1 page).