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Art and Discovery Bundle ~ Deciduous Forest Activities for K-2 (Downloadable Only)

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Science and environmental education start with young children being encouraged to indulge their sense of wonder. Through Art and Discovery Bundles, kids will gain a deeper understanding of the natural world through fun and creative nature and art projects.

This activity bundle includes 14 activities (33 pages) appropriate for K-2 students:
1) Create a Clay Pot with Nature Pressed Designs (2 pages)
2) Backyard Animals - Outdoor Inquiry Activity (1 page)
3) Backyard Plants - Outdoor Inquiry Activity (1 page)
4) Backyard Animals - Matching Body Parts (with Answer Key - 2 pages)
5) Draw Animals - Bear, Rabbit, Raccoon, Frog, Duck, Butterfly, Squirrel  (7 pages)
6) Color a Deciduous Forest Habitat (1 page)
7) Color these Forest Animals - Butterflies, Osprey, Carnivores, Baby Animals (4 pages)
8) Match the Baby Animals of the Forest to their Parents (with Answer Key - 2 pages)
9) Make a Terrarium (color -1 page)
10) Cut and Paste the Parts of a Plant (color - 1 page)
11) Find, Name and Draw the Deciduous Leaves (with Answer Key - 2 pages)
12) Drawing Whole Leaves Activity (1 page)
13) Hungry, Angry, Baby Bird Maze (color with Answer Key - 2 pages)
14) Deciduous Forest - Diorama (5 pages). *For best results, print last 3 pages on card stock paper.