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Amazon Rainforest Activity Bundle - Downloadable Only

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Learn about the Amazon Rainforest with simple, fun activities that include reading about animals, coloring, drawing, matching, hidden pictures, mazes, cut and paste and word activities.

This bundle includes 40 black and white, copy-ready Amazon Rainforest Activities (51 pages total) for getting familiar with this habitat. Use drawing activities to develop animal reports, dioramas, murals and posters about the Amazon. Included in this bundle:

1) Amazon Rainforest Coloring Page
2) Amazon Rainforest Animals - Labeling
3) Amazon Rainforest Food Web - Matching
4) About Anacondas - Read and Color
5) Don’t Get Eaten By an Anaconda - Maze
6) About the Blue Morpho Butterfly - Read and Color
7) Draw a Blue Morpho Butterfly
8) Who am I? Connect the Dots (Humongous Herbivore)
9) Amazon Rainforest Layers Coloring Page
10) Amazon Rainforest Layers - Cut, Paste, Color Activity (2 pages)
11) About the Capybara - Read and Color
12) Draw a Capybara
13) Amazon Rainforest Animal Search (2 pages)
14) About the Common Green Iguana - Read and Color
15) Draw a Common Green Iguana
16) Rainforest Life? Critical Thinking Activity
17) Amazon Rainforest Animals - Word Search
18) About Jaguars - Read and Color
19) Draw a Jaguar
20) About Spider Monkeys - Read and Color
21) Unscramble the Names of Amazon Rainforest Animals
22) About Agoutis - Read and Color
23) Rainforest Hidden Picture
24) About the Scarlet Macaw - Read and Color
25) Draw the Scarlet Macaw
26) Matching Harpy Eagles
27) Save the Baby Jaguar! Maze
28) About the Three-toed Sloth - Read and Color
29) Draw a Three-toed Sloth
30) About the Golden Lion Tamarin - Read and Color
31) Draw a Golden Lion Tamarin
32) About the Tapir - Read and Color
33) What am I? Connect the Dots (Rainforest Hero)
34) About the Keel-billed Toucan - Read and Color
35) Draw a Keel-billed Toucan
36) Amazon Rainforest Crossword Puzzle (2 Pages)
37) About the Red-eyed Tree Frog - Read and Color
38) Draw a Red-eyed Tree Frog
39)  Frog to Frog Maze
40) Color the Amazon Rainforest Animals

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