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Amazon Rainforest - Build Giant COLOR Posters (Downloadable Only)

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This 12 Page Bundle Includes:
1) One 4-piece color poster with animals ready to be assembled to 17” x 22” size.
2) One 4-piece color poster with only dotted outlines where animals can be glued in place as a model making exercise, ready to be assembled to 17” x 22” size.
3) Two pages with 14 animals to be cut out and pasted onto the model-making poster.
3) One color mini-poster of the Amazon Rainforest Layers and Animals (as a guide).

Materials Needed: 11 sheets of  heavier (or card stock) paper, scotch tape (invisible tape), glue stick, scissors, markers, colored pencils, or crayons.

Instructions for Color Posters:
1) Print one or both of the 4-piece color poster backgrounds on heavy paper. Trim edges on dotted lines and tape together.
2) Print two sheets of animals on heavy paper and cut them out on the dotted lines (animals are not to scale).
3) Check your work on the small poster included in the bundle.

Copyright © 2020 Sheri Amsel • All rights reserved by author. Permission to copy for classroom use only. Electronic distribution limited to classroom use only.

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