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Grade 6-8 - Energy Flow in Organisms - Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration - Downloadable Only

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This bundle includes 16 resources, including: Reading, Color Diagrams, Activities, Performance Tasks and Assessment (36 pages total).
Resources included in this Next Generation Science Standards Bundle include:
• Organization for Matter and Energy Flow in Organisms and Energy in Chemical Processes and Everyday Life and Next Generation Science Standards.
• Rubric Building Resource (3 pages)
1) Energy Flow Between Organisms - Reading (1 page)
2) Energy Flow Between Organisms - Mini-poster (1 page)
3) Energy Flow Between Organisms - Diagram (1 page)
4) Energy Flow Between Desert Organisms - Model Building with Possible Responses (2 pages)  
5) Energy Flow Between Desert Organisms - Color Mini-poster (1 page)
6) What Plants Need for Photosynthesis - Investigation (3 pages)
7) Authentic Performance - Volcanic Apocalypse with Possible Responses (2 pages)
8) Photosynthesis in Action - Experiment with Possible Responses (5 pages)
9) Energy in Chemical Processes and Everyday Life - Reading (1 page)
10) Energy in Chemical Processes and Everyday Life - Diagram (1 page)
11) Converting Energy in Everyday Life - Critical Thinking Worksheet (1 page)
12) Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration - Color Diagram (1 page)
13) Complete the Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration - Diagrams (color and BW - 2 pages)
14) Energy in Chemical Processes and Everyday Life - Model Building Activity (3 pages)
15) Cycling of Matter in a Sealed Ecosystem - Explaining Phenomena with Possible Responses (2 pages)
16) Cellular Respiration - Authentic Performance with Possible Responses (2 pages)

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