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Color and Learn to Draw the Animals of Australia - Downladable

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This 44 page bundle includes coloring pages and how to draw lessons for 18 Australian animals, alone and in groups, plus one full color animal mini-poster.

This bundle includes:
1. Marsupials of Australia Coloring Page (1 page)
2. Other Mammals of Australia Coloring Page (1 page)
3. Color a Kangaroo and Draw a Kangaroo (2 pages)
4. Color a Wallaby and Draw a Wallaby (2 pages)
5. Color a Wombat and Draw a Wombat (2 pages)
6. Color a Koala and Draw a Koala (2 pages)
7. Color a Bilby and Draw a Bilby (2 pages)
8. Color a Dingo and Draw a Dingo (2 pages)
9. Color a Platypus and Draw a Platypus (2 pages)
10. Color a Flying Fox and Draw a Flying Fox (2 pages)
11. Birds of Australia Coloring Pages (2 pages)
12. Color a Butcherbird and Draw a Butcherbird (2 pages)
13. Color a Zebra Finch and Draw a Zebra Finch (2 pages)
14. Color an Emu and Draw an Emu (2 pages)
15. Color a Cassowary and Draw a Cassowary (2 pages)
16.  Color an Albatross and Draw an Albatross (2 pages)
17. Color a Barn Owl and Draw a Barn Owl (2 pages)
18. Color a Osprey and Draw a Osprey (2 pages)
19. Color a Peregrine Falcon and Draw a Peregrine Falcon (2 pages)
20. Color a Myna and Draw a Myna (2 pages)
21. Color a Starling and Draw a Starling (2 pages)
22. Color Mini-poster of Australia Wildlife (1 page)

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