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A Night Walk (Soft Cover)

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In A Night Walk, kids will get to see the animals that are active at night in several different habitats: wetland, forest, and field. They will learn what animals are doing out there in the night and how being out in the dark helps them survive. Kids will be able to imagine themselves out under the stars sharing the night with the animals that fascinate them. Share A Night Walk with the children you know and watch their world expand.


This beautifully illustrated, 46 page, soft cover, picture book will delight children with its simple rhyming verse and lots of things to search for on each page. In the back of the book read more about some of the animals seen in A Night Walk and try some games and activities to understand more about the lives of nocturnal animals.


The purchase of A Night Walk book comes with FREE downloadable copies of A Night Walk Science Curriculum Bundle ($9.95) and A Night Walk Animal and Habitat Coloring Bundle ($5.00) to make this book a great resource for K-5 classroom science.


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A Night Walk has made the 2023 Excellence in Science Books longlist for Children's Science Picture Book by AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science)

Book Reviews:
A Night Walk is a beautifully illustrated seek-and-find book. The book focuses on the many nocturnal animals often overlooked. It is the perfect motivation to get your children outside and engage all of their senses.
– Christine Miller, Texas Master Naturalist  and Behavior Interventionist

“Let’s learn about all the creatures (and plants) of the night!! This books as a cute rhyme scheme that is kinda sneaky educational. I adore the hidden pictures aspects of it! The pictures are beautiful and it was kind of nostalgic to the magazines my kiddo use to get when he was a toddler. This, I think, makes it more interactive and attention keeping for little ones or wiggle worms. It took me a while to put thoughts to words with this one and it’s not because I didn’t like it, because I actually Loved it! I realized it was because I was wondering why we (my family and I) and others don’t already take night time walks. I mean I’m sure some people do, we do sometimes, but it’s not common due to schedules and early bed times to prepare for the next day. We are missing out on some beautiful sights at night time. Time to change that. This book comes with a downloadable curriculum bundle (k-8) & coloring bundle (k-5) to pair with it. In the back of the book there are some activities, puzzles & information about nocturnal mammals, birds & insects. Lots of great information. If you are nature lovers, planning nature studies, heading out on a family camping trip, I definitely recommend this book. As always, let me know if you have any questions and I will try to answer them.
– Ashlee Hedricks, Book reviewer on Instagram

“In A Night Walk, the depth of detail on each species in the night time pictures is incredible. The "can you find" section on most pages is also a great way for students to see how things appear at night. Your illustrations have almost a Jan Brett feel to them. The use of the senses is also beneficial when teaching students how to make observations. I will be reading this book to my 7th graders before we do our Square of Nature project and I may add an option to do a nighttime observation with their parents’ permission. The “For Educators and Parents” section is fantastic.  You are pulling in art, collaboration and communication skills along with the science pieces.”
– Lori-Lyn Griffin, Connections Coaching Coordinator, M.Ed Science Education