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Amazing Animal Mazes - Downloadable Only

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This bundle includes more than 30 Mazes with solutions (43 pages total). Learn what animals eat, in which habitats they live, what baby animals grow up to be, which garden plants and pests eat which, etc.  Some mazes are easy and some are more challenging. Have fun!

1. Coral Reef Quest
2. Garden Maze
3. Mouse House
4. Bean Plant Maze
5. The Shell Game
6. Early Vegetable Garden Maze
7. Animal Burrows in Winter - Maze
8. Hungry Seal Maze
9. Hungry Fish Maze
10. Hermit Crab Needs a Bigger Shell
11. Bat Breakfast
12. Dog Walk Maze
13. Octopus Escape
14. Salamander Maze
15. Tomato Pest Maze
16. Clownfish Maze
17. Spider Web Maze
18. Baby Sea Turtle Escape
19. Sea Lion Search
20. Bumblebee Be Hungry
21. Thirsty Hikers Maze
22. Zebra Hunt
23. Elephant Expedition
24. Time to Migrate!
25. Penguin Paradise
26. Mongoose to the Rescue
27. Rescue Baby Squirrel
28. Toucan Maze
29. Life Cycle Matching Maze
30. Hungry, Angry Bird Maze
31. Finding Baby Bear